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Victor Veggystein

The Brussel based AT Anim (Subsidiary of AT-Prod, AT-Anim is the basis of a European group of animation production) has started the development of CircusPatz story 'Victor Veggystein'.

The Ministry of Very Secret Affairs, led by the mysterious Maximus family, solves cases so bizarre that the police and regular Secret Affairs are unable to crack them. That is why the Ministry is looking for very clever girls and boys to solve these very mysterious cases. After all, children are simply more suitable for certain cases, because they think differently from grown-ups. One of CircusPatz most complete transmedial properties.

Keywords; low tech, adventure, mysteries, secret agents

The 16-year-old Catherine Belville de St. Clare – also known as Kick Fearless –, daughter of the wealthy adventurer Sir Belville de St. Clare and Marian Belville de St. Clare, author of worldwide bestsellers is the heroine who every girl would want to be. An attractive combination of fashion, glamorous parties, and exciting and mysterious quests through ancient temples. A trendy designed series of stories full of cliffhangers for girls!

Keywords; adventure, girls, international

The Extraordinarily Remarkable Diaries of Victor Veggiestein Imagine you’re a young inventor and your parents have gone on holiday without you. Your friends have left you in the lurch and it’s just you and a cellar full of vegetables you don’t like. Then it’s not surprising that you go in search of a new friend in the shape of a veggie creature brought to life in your secret Lab Cellar, or is it? The decision to bring a veggie creature to life forms the basis of a series of spine-chilling adventures filled with Veggie freaks, strange Neighbours, Creepy Creature Stores, Revolting Recipes and Unusual Events.

Keywords; adventure, funny, nerdy

Villa Willemina. Willemina's parents inherit an old and strange retirement home packed with old grandmas and grandpas. The three of them move to the terrifying villa on top of an island to take care of all the old people. It's a new world for Willemina. In every room awaits yet another adventure. Sometimes it seems like the Villa keeps changing inside and how is it possible that there are always new grandpas and grandmas come to live in the villa but the villa is not getting full?

Keywords; adventure, funny