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Victor Veggystein

The Brussel based AT Anim (Subsidiary of AT-Prod, AT-Anim is the basis of a European group of animation production) has started the development of CircusPatz story 'Victor Veggystein'.

The Miraculous Story*Laboratory CircusPatz

You can be anything you want to be. You can go anywhere you want to go. At least, if you haven’t forgotten how. It’s a piece of cake: simply decide to be a spy. Hop on your bike and you’re a pilot. Grab a book and a torch in bed and you’re a superhero. Anything is possible. Sometimes you need a bit of help; sometimes you don’t. Have you forgotten how? Just watch how kids do it.

One fine day in 2007, I opened my eyes after a career in advertising and decided I was a story maker. They called me crazy. After all, who in his right mind would leave a solid job in pursuit of this impossible dream?

Three years on, more than ten writers, designers, illustrators, product developers and other story makers are working on the various creations of the CircusPatz story lab. Thanks to the Circus, people can become secret agents and solve mysteries, explore islands or planets as an adventurer, or bring Veggie Creatures to life as inventors.

How? With stories that ignore the current limits of storytelling. Where books, games, video games, toys, theatre, TV, the Internet, radio and amusement parks are the logical channels for telling stories. With narrative products that are authentic and that have been made by people who find developing and designing stories the greatest job in the world.

Our mission? It’s simple: to put a smile on the faces of children and adults alike through our stories. And to inspire them to also open their eyes and make the impossible possible.

May All Your Days be Circus Days!

Patz van der Sloot
{ Ambassador of The Imagination }{ Amateur Astronomer }{ Collector of Extraordinary Objects } { Notorious Armchair Adventurer }{ Amateur Treasure Hunter }{ Story Hunter} and Founder of The Miraculous Story Laboratory CircusPatz.

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